About Us

Just 4 Paws Pet Spa is unlike any other pet groomer you have been to in the past.  We truly believe in our motto, “Gentle Pet Grooming You Can Trust”.  We go above and beyond to guarantee your pet’s comfort, safety, and wellness, as they are our number one priority.  To ensure this, we never use cage or box dryers and we strongly uphold a gentle handling policy, unlike many other grooming shops.  We not only look out for your pet’s safety, but we also strive to pamper your pets.  In doing so, we offer a variety of unique spa packages, treatments, and alternative healing methods such as Reiki.  We also use organic and hypo-allergenic products to leave your pet’s coat vibrant and their skin soothed. When your furry love is at Just 4 Paws you can rest easy knowing that they are in the best possible care, because we treat every animal as if they were our very own.

When opening Just 4 Paws Pet Spa back in 2004, Erica Salvemini, the owner knew she wanted to create a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere for dogs, as well as cats, rabbits, and other furry babies.  We also have a strong commitment to special needs pets.  While most groomers will turn away aggressive, anxiety-laden/post-traumatized, geriatric or disabled pets; we welcome them.  Like human beings, every animal is different.  What may work for one does not work for all. So we treat every pet as an individual, embracing their varying personalities. We create their wellness plan in conjunction with their pet parent/s, the pet (based on their needs) and the groomer. It becomes a joint effort to ensure everyone’s comfort level, but most of all based upon the needs of the pet.

In an unregulated industry, Just 4 Paws Pet Spa strives to bring only the most highly qualified and professional groomers and bathers together to work with your pets.  We believe that in order to properly cater to your loved ones, our team must be specialists in their field.  We also agree that animals can sense our energy.  They, much like us, are spiritual beings, which is why it is so crucial to only have staff members that truly have a love for animals.  When you combine a genuine kindness and passion for animals with talent and experience, your pets will not only receive an exceptional groom, but will feel calm and soothed with a knowing that they are in a safe environment. This makes the grooming process more enjoyable and comforting for them. This becomes a true spa day for your fur-baby!

Just 4 Paws Pet Spa has elevated the grooming industry in its small corner of the world, known as Lyndhurst, NJ.  But we now want to take our core principles and share them nationwide, so that all animals can benefit from what we have to offer.  By franchising Just 4 Paws Pet Spa, we will be able to provide a consistently safe, clean, calm, and hygienic environment for every pet in need of grooming. Through elevating these grooming industry standards, we hope to one day eradicate the neglect so commonly associated with pet grooming shops, including the big box retailers, across the United States.