Programs and Tuition

Toolbox is approximately $850

Non-refundable enrollment fee is $100

Professional Pet Bather
($2,500*,200 hours, No Pre-Requisite):

This course will provide you with the firm foundation needed to groom animals safely, gently and beautifully.  We will do this by sharing and teaching our philosophy, which is focused on a love and mutual respect towards animals. We will build upon this by teaching the necessary skills needed to bathe, fluff, cut nails, clean ears and give sanitary trims.

Pet Groomer Assistant
($1,500*,200 hours, Professional Pet Bather Pre-Requisite):

In this course, we will build upon the skills and knowledge obtained through our Professional Pet Bathers course.  As a Pet Groomer’s Assistant, we will focus on teaching you the basics of clippering and scissoring a pet’s body.  You will be ready to assist in the grooming field in no time

Professional Pet Stylist
($3,500*,100 hours, Pet Groomer Assistant Pre-Requisite):

This course will be centered on teaching the skills needed to become a gentle, professional pet stylist, from giving the best pet haircuts around, to gaining the knowledge and skills needed to give the most common breed cuts.

Through in-class lectures, featuring special guests and various experts in the pet field, we will also touch upon subjects like; the current state of the grooming industry, how to become the best in your field, and what all of your options are as you become a Professional Pet Groomer!

Expert Pet Stylist
($1,500*,150 hours, Professional Pet Stylist Pre-Requisite):

This course will expand upon the knowledge and skills gained in our Professional Pet Stylist course.  Students will learn how to master their grooming craft by learning specialty haircuts and creative grooming techniques such as pet hair dying, how to create the perfect mohawk, Japanese-style grooms, and many other modern, creative cuts and styles.

Professional Cat / Small Pet Groomer
($3,500*,100 hours, Professional Pet Bather Pre-Requisite):

This is a tailored grooming course for those who have a special interest and love for the feline.  We will focus on the key principles of how to properly and safely groom cats as well as small pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters).

Grooming cats can often be tricky and even sometimes dangerous.  However, although this grooming path is not for everyone, for those who truly love and have a passion for the frisky feline, this can become a most rewarding, as well as lucrative (yes lucrative), career path to take.

Alternative Healing and Pet Well-Being
($1,500*,100 hours, Professional Pet Stylist Pre-Requisite):

This course will further develop a student’s understanding of the Just 4 Paws Pet Spa Philosophy.  Students will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to care for animals on a spiritual level.  We will delve into what it means when we say animals are sentient beings and how they are receptive to alternative healing methods such as Reiki.

You can become a Reiki practitioner through attending this course.  Students will learn how to hone their natural abilities in animal communication and healing.  This can become a very fulfilling and rewarding path for those individuals who are seeking a deeper meaning to life.  But be aware, when you offer healing energy to an animal (or person) in need, and then witness the positive changes you can affect with your simple but powerfully loving intentions, you will be amazed!   Offering Reiki to those pets in need of comfort, helps them achieve physical, emotional and spiritual harmony, all at once; that’s how we become balanced.

*Grooming kit / Enrollment fee is not included in this price


When you enroll within 2018, you receive 25% off the cost of tuition**.

When you pay the full cost of tuition upon signing, you receive an additional 5% discount.

**50% of tuition is due upon signing and submission of enrollment agreement.



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