Fractured No More

Could healing our inner child be the key to peace on our planet? I personally believe the answer to be yes.

As an empath and Master Reiki practitioner, I’m accustomed to trusting my intuition which is something we all feel as a visceral grip from within the gut.  Also, if something stays with us and resonates, curiosity to seek its deeper meaning can help facilitate answers and therefore provide inner peace.

Some time ago I saw this amazing sculpture from Burning Man on a Linkedin post. It stayed with me and inspired me to write this blog post.

We often learn from a very young age that our emotions are nothing more than a nuisance, best to be ignored and brushed under the carpet. Therefore most of us lack the understanding needed to address our feelings, especially those associated with traumatic life experiences. However, obtaining emotional intelligence is mission-critical to achieving optimal health and wellness within our lives. Herein lies the conundrum.

We should not feel late to the healing party though.  When we are ready, we will arrive.  The great news is that we can all heal from emotionally traumatic experiences at any time in our lives and even assist ourselves in doing so.  It is equally important to remember that as humans we all differ in our unique life experiences, upbringings, genetic predispositions, and ancestral patterning. Therefore emotional traumas will be perceived and affect each one of us differently.

There are many places to seek out help for our emotional traumas, such as traditional mental health practitioners as well as trauma counselors. We can also combine efforts with a more spiritual and holistic approach by choosing a reiki practitioner or shamanic healer. No matter what the approach, choosing a reputable practitioner that you feel comfortable with is most critical.  Also, the bulk of the work that takes place comes from within oneself.  In other words, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dig deep.  There’s goodness in all of it though; like anything else worth attaining in life, the hard and honest work pays off.  So invest in tissues and a punching bag, but it will be worth it!

Some may ask, why is addressing this icky emotional stuff so important anyway?  Well, In order to stave off things like anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, and even more serious illnesses and disorders down the line, we must learn to rid ourselves of old traumas. When we set the intention to do so we are practicing self-love.  This action of divine authentic love will naturally guide us to a place of inner peace where seeking brings us closer to our answers.  Consequently, when we love ourselves the Universe sits up and takes notice. This is where the shift to greater things can take place. Helping oneself can bring love, light, healing, and abundance, all with little to no effort.  It’s like when conscious corporations match their employees’ 401K contributions. So too does the Universe help those who help themselves.

There is a beautiful soul healing meditation at the end of this blog.  It is offered by the spiritually gifted and generous-hearted, Steve Nobel. Please have a listen as often as you need, especially if you’re experiencing a visceral feeling while reading this.  You will love yourself for it. I promise.

Could healing our inner child be the key to peace on our planet?  I personally believe the answer to be yes.

Incredibly talented artist, Alexander Milov created this stunning sculpture for Burning Man which he describes as: “..conflict between a man and a woman as well as the outer and inner expression of human nature. Their inner selves are executed in the form of transparent children, who are holding out their hands through the grating. As it’s getting dark (night falls) the children start to shine. This shining is a symbol of purity and sincerity that brings people together and gives a chance of making up when the dark time arrives.”

If we choose to be open-hearted enough to feel vulnerable – much like a young child – as adults we would have an easier journey to our authentic soul freedom. The concept of an open-heart sounds like an easy enough concept to master, however, if it were there wouldn’t be so much conflict in the world.

When life becomes too overwhelming to peacefully manage ourselves, the niceties and manners seem to go out the window don’t they? Most people are innately good, but the negative patterning can get in the way of our own happiness. These patterns can be created from early childhood into our young adult years and beyond.  However, our life’s challenges can serve to help us grow into stronger, better versions of ourselves if we mindfully set our course to do so.

Once we set the intention to heal our wounded inner child something amazing can happen. The pain that we had been holding and turning outward, re-hurting ourselves and others with, can finally stop. This is a critically important point to make. 

If we do not address our past negative experiences they will likely perpetuate more negative cycles, compounding dysfunction in our lives, and sometimes indefinitely.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. We can choose to go within ourselves to find the answers to healing. We can choose to get help and decide to live better.

This immensely powerful guided meditation by Steve Nobel can help us do just that.  When you’re ready, grab your device and earbuds, find a nice quiet and guaranteed safe space to relax, and heal for 40 minutes. This meditation helps us release toxic memories and experiences by neutralizing associated emotional charges such as anger, anxiety, guilt, and shame over past mistakes. This meditation will help guide the past to naturally find its own avenue of completion within you.


It is in these challenging times we can discover and give freedom to our souls. Hopefully, we can all begin to make better, morally sound choices, allowing the greater good to benefit.