Our Team

Erica Salvemini
: Founder and CEO Just 4 Paws Pet Spa LLC., J4P Franchise LLC., Pet Stylist Rockstar, Pet Spa Academy Director

In 2004, former marketing gal, Erica Salvemini decided to follow her bliss.  That’s when she created Just 4 Paws Pet Spa, LLC. Over the last 15 years, Erica has mindfully transformed her upscale pet salon into a safe-haven of comfort and beauty for pets, specializing in compassionate pet care for all with a strong emphasis on specialized pet care services for special needs pets.

As a Reiki Master Practitioner and empath, Erica often works with pets and people in need.  Erica is able to offer gentle, non-invasive care through this energy healing work.

Also, in 2009 Erica provided grooming for dogs featured on the Today’s Show, “Pet Makeovers”. From 2005-2010, Erica collaborated with the Hartz Mountain Corporation as the company revamped its grooming products and tools sets. Erica is most proud of the purple and black slicker brush, she helped design and retails on shelves today.

Erica’s volunteer efforts also include providing love and spa therapies to needy shelter pets at the Animal Care & Control Center in NYC.

In 2015 volunteered in Othello, WA to help save an animal shelter in need. Erica was a groomer host for the reality show pilot “Animal House,” which helps save or create animal shelters in communities around the country.

In March 2016, Just 4 Paws Pet Spa, LLC.  began offering Franchise Opportunities. Erica created the gentle pet grooming Franchise due to the overwhelming need for accountability in the Pet Care Industry.

The Just 4 Paws Pet Spa and Academy is Erica’s latest venture.  In 2018, she started the Academy due to the overwhelming number of people asking, “Do we train?!” That is when Erica began sharing her wealth of pet care knowledge and success with all those impassioned to learn and work with animals in a caring environment.

The inception of the Just 4 Paws Franchise and Academy together hope to elevate the Pet Care Industry to a place deserving of all pets everywhere in every corner of the US and beyond.

Phyllis LazaresPhyllis Lazares
: Certified Pet Stylist I’m here at Just 4 Paws Pet Spa because I believe in what we do here. We are different from many other groom shops because we pay extra special attention to all the animals and make them our number one priority. I have personally seen first-hand how receptive animals are when we treat them with kindness. Their behavior changes entirely when you take the time to care. I believe that over the time I have been with Just 4 Paws, I have been able to build friendships with not only the pet owners but with the animals themselves. Just 4 Paws Pet Spa is the best place to retire!

After nearly 30 years in the corporate world, I decided to take my career in an entirely different direction, knowing that pet grooming would allow me to embrace my affinity for animals and creativity. I went to grooming school and in 2011 became a Certified Specialist in “All Breed Dog Grooming.” Now my days are filled with wet kisses and wagging tails rather than staff meetings and reports. I am a loving pet parent to Milo, a ShiTzu/Bichon mix, and Sandya Shi-Poo.

Angela GastaldiAngela Gastaldi: Client Specialist and Assistant Academy Director

When I began working at Just 4 Paws in September of 2015, I had no idea I would be starting a journey that would change my life in such a positive way.  At the time, I had just graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life.  One thing I knew for certain was that I always had the desire to work with animals from a young age.  So, I decided to venture off into a field that had nothing to do with my chosen college major, because I knew animals were my passion. From my first day at Just 4 Paws, I knew I found the perfect career for me!  I began as a bather and was quickly promoted to Erica’s grooming assistant.  In the process, I became our Academy’s first unofficial graduate.

Over the years I have spent at Just 4 Paws, I have been a “Jack of all Trades” so to speak.  From Bather, to Groomer’s Assistant, to our Client Specialist, to the Executive Assistant for our Franchise; I have worn many hats at Just 4 Paws and have learned so much about the Pet Grooming Industry along the way.  Now with our Academy launch, I can proudly add, “Assistant Director” to my repertoire of titles.  My hope for the Academy’s future is that we send out a new wave of talented, loving, groomers who will inevitably raise the bar in the grooming industry.  I’m so honored to be a part of something that will make such a positive impact on the grooming world.  Just 4 Paws has been such a blessing in my life and I cannot wait to give back to the Academy by helping others achieve their dream of working with animals.

Tara Yildirim: Pet Stylist

I have been grooming for over 8 years at various grooming shops and had known about Just 4 Paws for quite some time through my own research.  I finally mustered up the courage to interview for the team in March of 2019 and I’m glad I did because I got the job! Just 4 Paws is unlike any other grooming shop I have worked for. They put so much care and consideration into each pet and their individual needs.  What I love most about Just 4 Paws is the sense of unity.  Everyone is a team player and is here because they have a genuine love and passion for the animals.

Fabiola Delgado-Luque: Pet Stylist

I began grooming in 2016 at Petco and also worked as a pet grooming manager at a private grooming salon before joining the Just 4 Paws Pet Spa team in July 2019.  I have loved being a member of their team. Just 4 Paws is different from other places in so many ways. They care about the dog’s emotions and safety more than anything. Just 4 Paws creates a calm and peaceful environment and as a result, the pets are more relaxed here. Even the more nervous ones can enjoy a spa day. I love that every day is a different challenge here and I’m constantly learning something new.

Krystle Ortiz- Pet StylistKrystle Ortiz: Pet Bather

I always had a love and passion for animals. Ten years ago I started as a bather and slowly worked my way up to grooming. I began working at Just 4 Paws in September 2019 and instantly fell in love with the way animals were handled and treated.

Just 4 Paws creates a tranquil environment with animal lovers who are experienced and knowledgeable about animals’ needs and wants to create a safe and serene working environment! I’ve seen pets come through these doors and learn to trust us and enjoy their spa experience.

I also love the continuous learning that is provided and the support from fellow employees in handling every dog and cat needs. Just 4 Paws is just what your pet needs for a great grooming experience and spa day!

Esperanza Martinez: Junior Pet Stylist

I began my career with animals at Petsmart as a cashier but I always knew I wanted to do more.  I began working as a professional pet bather at Just 4 Paws Pet Spa in November of 2018.  It was then that I knew that I wanted to learn how to groom.  I attended Just 4 Paws Pet Spa and Academy and graduated in March 2019 and shortly after started working as a Junior Pet Stylist.

Working at Just 4 Paws has been incredible.  They truly make the pet’s comfort and wellness their #1 priority.  I love how Just 4 Paws is not just another pet grooming shop, they are so much more! Just 4 Paws is a place that is constantly working towards making a difference in every pet’s life that walks through their doors.

Angela Altomare: Pet Bather

I was fortunate enough to be able to join the Just 4 Paws team in January 2018. I am a dog bather, which allows me to have the pleasure of getting our furry friends happy and smelling amazing before we get them on the grooming tables. At Just 4 Paws, my goal is to have the pups leaving smelling, looking, and feeling happy. The animal’s safety and well-being always come first at Just 4 Paws. Just one of the many things that I love about this shop is being able to see so many familiar fur babies in and outside of the shop. I look forward to spending the weekend at Just 4 Paws!