Bathing: We require that all of our pet clients be bathed in our pet spa during their session with us. We of course want all pets looking their best when leaving our salon. When pets are not cleaned just prior to styling their coat may carry dirt, debris and natural oils that make proper hair styling difficult to achieve.

Duration of Groom: A typical Spa Session takes 3 hours. However times can vary according to the pet’s size, age, type of groom, temperament, coat condition, etc. We always call the pet parent before the grooming session is complete so your pet is not sitting in a cage all day and you can time your pick-up accordingly.

Cancellations: We require that cancellations be made at least 24 hours before the confirmed, scheduled appointment. “No shows” will be billed for 50% of that groom’s rate. We reserve the right to request credit card deposits from those clients who habitually (3 or more times) cancel appointments at the last-minute or with no notification.

Dematting: We will not demat a pet. Excessive dematting is a painful and inhumane process, which goes against our gentle handling policy and contradicts the stress-free environment we advocate.  Please be assured, we will always ask your permission before shaving your pet’s coat. Also note that groom rates reflect the condition of your pet’s coat. A severely matted pet will generally be priced higher than your average groom rate.

Vaccinations: Please bring a copy of your pet’s vaccination records or a recent vet record. The Township of Lyndhurst, where our salon is based, requires groomers to keep clients’ vaccination records in-shop. We must have updated vaccination information on file at all times, thank you!

Late fees: A late fee of $10 for every 15 minutes is incurred if you arrive to pick up your pet after closing time (4:00 pm).

Holiday Bookings: We generally request a credit card hold for appointments made around major holidays.  No shows are billed for 100% of the groom rate plus tax.

Payment options: We accept cash and major credit cards, except American Express. We do not accept personal checks.

Pet temperament: At Just 4 Paws we cater to special needs pets and appreciate these different personalities as part of our job. From time to time we do groom pets that require mild sedatives. In these cases, the prescription must be written by the pet’s veterinarian and administered at home 1-2 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. If a pet is severely aggressive throughout the entire groom, additional fees may be reflected in the groom rate. However, for the benefit and safety of all, there are times we may reserve the right to refuse service to pets we feel pose a danger to themselves, the groomer or another pet client.

Safety: Your pet’s security and comfort are of our highest concern. The Just 4 Paws grooming experience is always conducted in a safe, organized, clean and hygienic environment. This includes hand blow drying every pet. Excessive force is never used.

Walk-in service: If you are able to show proof of vaccinations, and we have availability, Just 4 Paws Pet Spa is happy to accommodate walk-in appointments.