Spa Packages

Just 4 Paws Pets SpaTo customize and enhance your pet’s spa experience, you can select from a variety of Spa Packages. These spa packages feature premium SPA Lavish Your Pet products and include teeth cleaning as well as various other spa treatments such as Blueberry Vanilla Facials and a Peppermint Pad Treatment.

Spa Comfort Package:  Featuring products enriched with succulent kiwi, oatmeal and lavender, the Spa Comfort Package soothes your pet’s sensitive skin and calms his soul. A great grooming option all year, this treatment uses SPA ComfortBath, Nourish Vitamin Conditioner, and moisturizing pad treatment (hypo-allergenic).

Spa Renewal Package: This spa package is designed to energize and restore the health of your pet’s coat. It’s great in winter when less frequent grooming and home heating cause dry skin.  During the summer months, the Spa Renewal Package alleviates irritation caused by the sun and swimming. The treatment includes a luscious white plum shampoo with wheat protein to nourish dry, brittle coats, along with SPA Renewbath, Nourish Vitamin Conditioner, Blueberry Vanilla Facial Scrub, moisturizing pad treatment, and finishing conditioner spray/cologne.

Spa Luxury Package: A refreshing, gentle body cleanser using SPA Freshbath, Nourish Vitamin Conditioner, Body Mud Wrap, Blueberry Vanilla Facial Scrub, and moisturizing pad treatment, this spa package leaves your pet with an invigorating scent of naturally aromatic cucumber. Great all year round, this treatment is especially wonderful during summer months, as it encourages optimum coat health. The package also includes finishing conditioner spray/cologne.

Argan Oil Package: This luxuriating shampoo will repair and restore your pet’s coat by sealing in its shine and creating lush softness. A blend of argan oil, vitamin E, and antioxidants penetrate deep into the root of the hair shaft, restoring strength and luster to dry, brittle coats.  This package also includes a blueberry vanilla facial, which is crafted to exfoliate and gently cleanse the facial area, wash away impurities and dead skin cells, as well as whiten & brighten around the eye area.

De-shed Package: A treatment designed for the under-coated (Shepherds, American Eskimos, Pomeranians), high-shed dogs (Pugs, Beagles, Rotties) and cats, the De-shed Package uses an undercoat control shampoo and conditioner that are mild, yet highly effective and concentrated with special fatty acids to help reduce shedding. These Cruelty-Free Coat Handler products enhance the strength at the root of the hair follicle to control hair loss so there’s less hair shed in your home – a pleasant side-effect for the pet-parent.