Why Choosing Humanely Sourced Food Can Benefit Your Overall Mind, Body and Spirit

I believe it is our moral duty as humans to treat all animals kindly and with reverence so that they may be afforded happy and comfortable lives, regardless of their purpose. 

I am a vegetarian and I’m working towards a full vegan diet. When I do prepare animal proteins for my family I choose only the “humanely farmed” ones.

Why Humanely Sourced

It has been proven that fear, pain, and suffering causes energetic harm in animals. When we consume this meat that is infested with energetic suffering, this energy then invades our human bodies.

If you’ll remember back to middle school science class we learned about the Scientific Laws of Energy (Remember, we are all made up of energy; humans and animals alike!)

Even though energy can change form, it must still follow one fundamental law – Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

Law of Conservation of Energy

This law is known as the Law of Conservation of Energy. In other words, the entire energy of the universe is conserved. The energy never leaves us it only changes form.

In a lot of ways, energy is like money. You can exchange quarters for dollar bills and dollar bills for quarters, but no matter how often you convert between the two, you will not end up with any more or any less money than what you started with.

To avoid this energetic transfer, I always cleanse the meat I eat/serve with Reiki/ healing energy. You may also say a prayer over your food. This energy cleanse can be done in many ways. Find what feels right to you. What matters most is that you set an intention that you are positively transmuting the energy of the food you are about to eat and serve to your loved ones.

Steps Toward Change

In this new Covid-19 environment we are living in, we have been given the unique opportunity to start new, healthier routines in all of our lives.

With so much change occurring around us every day it’s important to remember the impact we can make with our everyday decisions.

By making the small choice to not only purchase humanely farmed food but also energetically cleanse it you can make positive changes in your body and the world around you.